The Importance of PROFESSIONAL Property Management

In this message from our sponsor Calida International Properties, Stuart Thomas explains the importance of professional property management. He stresses the importance of treating your home or investment as a serious business, and offers insight into protecting that investment and making the maximum revenue from it. Remember it’s thanks to the help from Calida that we can bring you our up to date news…including our impending May photo shoot! Please click here to read about the importance of professional property management. […]

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Roda Golf – Buy or wait?

Our sponsors over at Calida International Properties are enthused with the amount of visitors we are getting here on Roda Golf Info, and they have agreed to start writing some articles for us! In this first article Stuart Thomas, managing director of Calida International, discusses his thoughts on the ever present worry – “Buy now or wait?”. Stuart provides some illuminating, and honest insights into the current market in general and at Roda. Click here to read the full article


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